A persuasive essay employs certain persuasive strategies to convey the point that you have made. In academic writing, persuasive writing is considered an art through which you convince others of your position. Throughout this essay, you present your claim and persuade others of the veracity of Your claim. It is important to note that a professional writing assistance could offer you help in this regard. Various platforms are serving students when it comes to persuasive writing.  

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There is a certain structure and format according to which a persuasive essay is organized.If you do not follow the pre-defined structure, you will fail to persuade your readers.In this write-up, we would talk about a comprehensive set of tips and tricks for writing a persuasive essay. Students would be well-advised to pay close attention to these tips and tricks.

Taking a Position

               First of all, you must know the position you are taking. You should be confident that you can defend your position through persuasion. For that purpose, it is to be noted that you should choose a position that is related to an area of ​​your interest Students often make the mistake of choosing a position that they know very little about. When professional writer writes my essay , I am always clear about my position.  

Understanding the Audience

               It is pertinent that you should have a prior idea about the nature of the audience. It is the hallmark of great writers that they spell out their words keeping in mind the type of audience. and figures. On the other hand, a common audience would be influenced more by emotional appeal.

Conducting Research

               Research provides you with the relevant pieces of evidence and supporting details that you can inculcate in your essay. effective reading are the keys to meaningful research.


The introduction begins with a riveting statement called the hook. It could be a quote, statistic, or a rhetorical question. Then as an essay writer, you come up with a brief and precise overview of the topic. a position. It also contains a rationale that you employ to defend your position.  

Body Paragraphs

               Each body paragraph should revolve around one idea. The topic sentence presents that idea accurately. It is followed by a premise that highlights the entirety of your rationale. Then you employ your persuasive technique in the form of ethos, pathos, or logos. takes the persuasion forward by putting up an overarching defense for your position.

Persuasive Techniques

The persuasive techniques are the distinctive features of a persuasive essay. There are main techniques as presented by Aristotle in his book Rhetoric ie, ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos refers to the credibility or the general goodwill of the writer as projected through writing at Reasonable prices . Pathos signifies the use of such words or sentences that make an emotional appeal to the readers. Logos is the use of facts, figures, statistics, or examples to support your stance. 

A fine combination of these techniques makes your essay highly convincing. You should always make sure that these techniques are not flawed and misrepresented. In addition, it always depends on the audience. A common audience is influenced more by pathos. Hence, in a way, the persuasive essay is also a test of your wisdom.


The conclusion starts by convincingly resting the thesis. After that, it summarizes all the essential points elaborated in the essay. There should be no room for repetition and redundancy in the conclusion. the reader convinced.


It is often the case that students do not recognize the significance of proofreading. You should review your essay for refinement. The main focus should be on persuasion techniques. You should review if those techniques have been used properly and effectively. be conveyed through logos. For instance, persuading the readers regarding the decline in life expectancy rate can only be done by logos.

You are supposed to make sure that all three techniques have been used by keeping in view the topic and the nature of the audience.

Why is a Persuasive Essay important?

There are certain issues where people are divided and polarized. Thus, there is a need to develop a well-crafted discourse that could effectively present your stance. By doing so, you can acquire more support for your viewpoint regarding an issue. Persuasive essays are not only limited to academic life.

They should be used by you in the future to defend your positions and persuade others to join your cause.In this competitive world, the art of persuasion is highly needed.Therefore, you need to follow these tips and tricks in letter and spirit. will inculcate in you the skills required for being a persuasive person in real life.


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