No wonder the writing of a professional is mature and more formal than the students but rules to enhance the  essay writer  are the same for everyone. What do you think when you write an essay? Of course, everyone wishes to make their essay and writing more credible and authentic. What do you think are the different ways to make your essay more worthwhile?

But the question here is why do we have to use research and other credible sources to 
write my essay  and inculcate in our writing. Are you familiar with the format of essay writing? If you know what format you have to follow when you write an essay , then it is easy to get the reasons why you have to use sources in your writing to enhance its worth. 

An essay is written to state your point of view and to describe your position is on a particula
r topic or a subject. At , you must be familiar that in an essay you claim your stance and prove that stance by the use of different credible sources to make your writing more worthwhile. An essay follows a pattern of paragraph structure when they are written either by the students or the professionals. 


When you are assigned a specific topic and you have known what your stance is, then go find the information about your stance and claims to make your  essay writing service reliable. The authenticity of any work depends on the use of references and evidence that supports the point you state and include in your essay. You have to prove the information in every paragraph you write and state. Every paragraph in an essay depicts a different idea And concept. And each claim in every paragraph has to be validated by the information extracted through a credible source. Usually, when you start the process of writing, you gather information about what the topic is that you have to include in your essay. But whatever points you make and gather the information about, you have to make sure that the information is authentic and taken from an acknowledged source. 

The sources you use in your essay can be primary and secondary. They both give authentic information about the subject matter you are including in your writing. Primary sources include the research articles, historical documents, diaries, letters, literary text, personal accounts, and autobiographies. Whereas, secondary resources include news articles, biographical books, scientific and literary reviews, and television documentaries. They are used to analyze, interpret, and discuss the information presented in the primary resources. 

In some cases, the information you have about your essay can be validated from the primary sources but in some other cases, you have to include the secondary sources as well where needed. You may wonder why we have to include the information from these sources when we state our own stance. But it is to make the audience of the essay more inclined and sure about your study. If you have any hardship or difficulty in the use of primary and secondary sources, then consult a  paper writing service if you keep the mentioned information in mind, about how to enhance your writing by a credible source, then your essay will surely be authentic and credible. 

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