What is a narrative essay? A narrative essay describes an event or part of your life. It is framed like a story and you, the writer of the essay, are narrating the story for the reader. Unlike argumentative and research essays, a narrative essay is meant to be personal and creative. This does not mean that you should forget about the rules of academic writing. 

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The purpose of this article is to remind you of the tips and tricks for writing a good narrative essay. You can also find a sample narrative essay on volunteer work given in this article. Both the tips and the sample are there for you to better 

Tips and Tricks for Writing a Narrative Essay

The following tips and tricks will come in handy the next time you have to write a narrative essay. Remember these tips are meant to give you insight into how to write a narrative essay. The way you write a narrative essay will be entirely up to you

  • The first tip is often the most important one. You should come up with an interesting narrative essay topic. This topic should be related to a personal experience of yours
  • Recall all the details of the story before starting your essay. This will help you maintain the flow in your essay writing.
  • Using the details of the story, construct an outline for your essay. This outline will form a blueprint that you will use to make your narrative essay
  • Always start your essay with a hook. This hook should be an attention-grabbing sentence so that the reader is interested in reading what you have to say
  • End of your introduction with a well-drafted thesis statement
  • In the body of your narrative essay, provide a visual and emotional description. The reader wants to know what you, the narrator, went through during this personal experience
  • Whatever you learned from the personal experience should be added at the end of your body paragraphs. This will let the reader know if the overall experience that you faced was a positive or a negative one.

These tips will help the next time you are confused and ask yourself the question,'What tips should I keep in mind when writer Write my essay ?'. Now that you are aware of the tips, let us look at a sample narrative essay 


Sample Narrative Essay

Volunteering has always been a part of me. Ever since I was 10 years old, watching both my parents opt for volunteer work made me want to pursue volunteering as soon as possible. Most people do volunteer work because it will look good on their personal statement or CV. I did volunteer work because I want to be remembered as an individual who helps people who need it. My volunteer work at my local orphanage taught me to be grateful and that everyone deserves a chance at learning. 

I started working for my local orphanage during my summer vacations. I had prior experience teaching underprivileged kids so this was not something new for me. During my time there, I was tasked with teaching a group of 10-15 children. The average age for This group of children was 10 years. I used to teach the class Mathematics and English, and sometimes arts. A bond was made between me and the children. One of the children, Adam, really looked up to me and asked for my help whenever He was stuck. Adam reminded me a lot of my younger brother. Once my volunteer work was done, I bid all my students farewell and left the orphanage with sadness. The lesson I learned from my time volunteering was that even children who have lost their parents and have no money, deserve the right to an education. Similarly,I also learned to be grateful and thankful for the things I have but other people do not

I was able to teach a number of children and made connections with them. Similarly, I was able to understand the struggles that an orphan has to go through. I would urge everyone to go volunteer within your. I will continue to do volunteer work for as long as I can because the life lessons it has taught me will stick with me forever. .. 

The above sample illustrates how essay writing service should write a narrative essay. Remember to write a personal experience instead of making one up. The reasoning for this is that the reader will not be able to feel your emotions in the essay if the experience you use is a fictional one.  

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After reading this article, you should go ahead and start practicing narrative essay writing. Your first two to three drafts will not be perfect but once you get the hang of it, you will be writing effective and correct narrative essays.